My Life and losses (weight)

12 Apr

My life is merely a series of bizarre occurences. At any rate I’ve decided they should all be chronicled in one place. Just cuz, why not? So. Tired of being, to put it politely, a chunky girl, I embark yet again on a weight loss journey. On top of everything else I’m doing. And why not? I want to be healthy, I want to be leaping around and able to do jumping jacks and hike up mountainsides when I’m eighty. And this seems like the best way to make that happen. Lose weight, gain strength. I want back below 200lbs. I’ve been fluctuating between 210 and 197 for some time now and I want to make this happen. 150 lbs, here I come. And I’ll be damned if I don’t tone up along the way.

So here’s my challenge. I’m fasting from bread until Monday. And I really, really love bread, so this is going to be a really tough one.

Yup. Five whole days. We’ll see if it makes a difference. I suspect it will make a huge one. So here’s what I’m doing to change.


1. Bread fast for five days (see what happens). No I’m not going atkins, I’m going to replace it with small portions of healthy grains that don’t contain atherosclerosis time bombs. whole grain rice pastas, brown rice, etc.

2. Matcha/green tea at least once per day after a meal. – Green tea taken within three hours of a meal is shown to aid in the digestion of fats.

3. A shot of apple cider vinegar a day. – Because, why the heck not? It’s good for ya, and helps you feel less bloated.

4. Minimum three servings of vegetables per day (with bread cut out this should not actually be a huge challenge)

5. Combining protein with my carbs (helps digestability, ask me and I’ll explain how)

6. Healthy fats, and the avoidance of unhealthy fats

7. Water with lemon in the morning (helps cleanse the old colon!)

8. Cheese fast til Monday (lactose intolerant so again should not be difficult), after Monday, if I’m really craving it 1 tbsp per day equivalent may be acceptable.

9. 10 glasses of water a day (approx amount necessary for my body weight)

10. Daily core strength exercises and 3x weekly cardio (ugh to the latter)

11. No more than one serving of fruit daily (high gi, high carb. fruit should be eaten with cinnamon because of its properties in balancing blood sugar levels)

– one additional apple, and berries are not included in the one a day fruit rule!

12. Elimination of processed and preservative laced meats. Yech anyway. When you read what goes into sandwich meat, it becomes less and less appetizing. I’ll stick to my lean grilled cuts thanks.

13. Fist sized meals. Many people believe the body can digest food about the size of a loosely closed fist at a time. Your stomach needs room for its juices to work their magic after all. So I’m going to test that with fist sized meals more often, and  fewer oversized meals.

14. Say no to junk food. None at all. Not even in minimal quantities til the end of April. No chips, no pop, no doritos, no candies, no sugary gum. Just healthy delicious spicy fuel 😀

15. healthy snacks always on standby. (I need to keep a stocked fridge and stay organized for this to work)


That being said, I’ve made a meal plan up for the next few days. We’ll record everything and see if it works. Here’s hoping!

Thurs night:

– lemongrass shrimp with veggies



– cabbage stirfry with strips of grilled chicken

– miso soup

– homemade healthy chicken chili

– cucumber salad



– chicken chili leftovers

– chopped veggies with coconut jalapeno cilantro dip

– hmd coleslaw



– chicken chili leftovers

– bbq grilled zucchini sticks

– homemade chicken patties (burgers without buns for me!)

– cauliflower “rice”



– Homemade Pho

– Vietnamese Lettuce Hand Rolls and Spring Rolls



– Leftover Pho

– pupusas with ensalada



– Homemade chocolate bran muffins

– homemade veggie and meat pizza



– miso shitake soup w/ramen

– homemade sushi (cali, tuna rolls)


Hopefully this will all work out. We shall see. 😀


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