At A small loss

14 Apr

breakfast today. Szechuan green beans with tofu over vermicelli. Just sesame oil, garlic, peanuts, ginger, soy sauce, small amounts of sugar, sambal olek, shallots, and a little lime over vermicelli.

Yesterday didn’t end up so hot, I popped only a few grapes in my mouth before I went out, and ended up out most of the day and so got really hungry (failing to plan is planning to fail as i didn’t have any of my normal noms with me.)It started out okay, I grabbed a protein matcha shake made with unsweetened almond milk and loaded with greens powder, and had a green tea with lemon out at tim hortons even though I could have had something decidedly unhealthy.

For dinner I had three pieces of meat lovers pizza … loaded with Franks Red because it was at the house. Thanks Papa Murphy, why can’t you have something healthier?!

Another two pieces followed several hours later as well as a sour key and a couple of chalky candies. But I did manage to pick up some CLA and greens powder. And I guess the CLA is working, because I got a  3 lb discount today when I stepped on the scale. Or maybe it was the 30 min run/walk I went for yesterday combined with core strength training. Either way, it’s a new day and today I resolve to do better.




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