Couple weeks later…

25 Apr

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been battling boredom, complacency and a lack of motivation. Rice, beans, and Frank’s Red are set out before me. I’ve been having difficulty staying motivated lately. Not just on the weight loss deal, but generally on everything. The work piles up which makes me want to do it even less, and so continues the cycle of procrastination. I’ve been wanting to do a lot of different things. Get my old webcomic up again, work on my writing, do game art for the video game I’ve been helping to develop, work on any of my incomplete film projects… but I feel like someone has take a big de-motivator gun and sapped me of all of my motivation. Sigh. It’s been rough. I’ve been trying to get out of the house, and I’ve been getting small amounts of exercise at least, but it doesn’t compensate for this strange melancholy.

Still, I must push through, because to be human is to push through, you must survive in order to thrive and all of that. It’s been frustrating on the weight loss front as well, because the scale refuses to show me any losses. I’ve gained 3 darn pounds. Apparently my waist line has stayed the same, so it’s probably muscle. Which means hopefully I spiked loss is in order soon. I hope so, I want to lose more.

On the same note, last week was pretty exciting when I went shopping and discovered I could fit comfortably in a pair of size 14 jeans! 33’s! Of course it depends somewhat on the brand as I’ve inherited my family’s, how do I say it… “ample child-bearing hips”, and there’s only so much that can be done about those, but I was pretty ecstatic and understood why most of my clothes no longer fit. Where I was wearing XL’s and 1X, I’m now in medium’s and larges, and where my pants were 18’s and 20’s, I’m now down to a more ladylike 14! I guess the little things like that are what keep one’s motivation going. It doesn’t feel so large a change, since like all major changes, it was over the course of a year, rather than a rapid loss. I have lost between 60 and 65 pounds thus far (it fluctuates slightly of course). I have another 65 to go to get me down to my goal weight of 140. And here’s where it gets tough ladies and gentlemen. Here’s where the exercise portion is going to come into play. Most of that first 65 was from changing my diet, but most of this next 65 will probably have to come for exercise. Sure, there are still a couple of dietary changes I could stand to make. (I haven’t been able to give up those chips yet, and I still cheat in small ways on an approximately daily basis).

So here’s my goal for the next week – Wednesday to Wednesday. And we’ll see if this will pull me down below the 200 line for good this time! I keep getting down to that magical 199 then bouncing back up to between 200-210. This last week I’ve been keeping is between 203-204.5. So let’s try and get down to 195 and stay there! (well there and below of course).

Goals from this Wednesday to next Wednesday:

1. 3 double handful sized veggie servings a day

2. 1 serving green veggies (celery, lettuce, spinach, etc – ROUGHAGE!)

3. lots of water

4. no bread, cakes, cookies! no breadtype, baked products! I seem to have broken my bread dependency so this one should be easy as pie! This includes granola bars, muffins and all of those tasty things which I adore.

5. no potato chips. This is easy as long as they aren’t offered to me… I like ’em a little too much

6. lean protein with all carbohydrates eaten.

7. this one could be a challenge NO SUGAR. Okay, so this doesn’t just apply to the occasional real fruit gummy treat, but to sugar that is cooked with as well. At least, it needs to be used in significantly reduced quantities… hmm, not sure how I’m going to do this. Okay, we won’t take it out of cooking just yet. But no sugar objects. No candies, no gummies, no syrups, no juices, no pops. For one week.

8. no cheese. Okay so this one will make the person I live with pretty happy since I’m basically lactose intolerant. 😛

9. limit 1 sugar fruit per day (banana, orange, kiwi, melon, etc). Berries unlimited, 1 additional apple also acceptable.

10. daily cardio. For just 7 days I’m going to attempt to get some kind of cardio exercise every single days. We’ll see how it works out!

Wish me luck! 😀

I feel motivated again!

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