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healthy eats day two

13 Apr

well I conked out last night before I has a chance to do more than just twenty five push ups, but sometimes that’s, life. I made a lovely lemongrass shrimp dish with lots of veggies,

And mine was mostly lettuce, and bean sprouts, (recipe here: http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/lemongrass-shrimp-over-rice-vermicelli-vegetables-bun-tom-nuong-xa-10000000686202/)

but sometimes I wonder your healthy it really is because of salt and sugar… in the sauce.

This, morning starts off with my leftover salmon dinner nomnom


and hopefully I will manage to get in my exercise today. 🙂 more in a few.

queen fatty

12 Apr


lunch and dinner. ensalada with tuna and black beans and a drizzle of franks red.


breakfast. maybe the waffle isn’t the best for me but topped with plain fat free yogurt, strawberries and a banana sprinkled with cinnamon and dusted with oat bran its pretty darn tasty.


them daily vitamins… four greens, two vitamin c two vitamin d two vitamin e and a healthy skin complex.


this is what I ended up having for dinner. half a salmon entree from la grille half a roasted potato salmon rice and side salad all drizzled with a tiny bit of tabasco sauce nom.. and the other half is at home for me to ready when I get peckish.

the purpose of my journey is to lose weight and gain strength so I can have the energy to do all the crazy stuff I want to do and have a phenomenally interesting life full of adventure and challenge. that’s why this matters to me so much, I think. it’s, not just that I want to look bombastic on the red carpet and be a total amazonian bombshell, because lets not kid ourselves, I want that too… but I also want to do things, to enjoy life. and maybe if I post what I’m eating, I ll have to own what I put in my mouth.
sorry for typos. stupid phone. more love later.